Tile Install Prices for Toledo, Fort Wayne, Detroit, Ann Arbor, Down River, Livonia, Ypsilanti and outlying areas.

This is a convenient reference guideline; not a contract or an offer of services. All prices are base rates for simple uncomplicated installs. Use this for budgeting. Use this to decide if Mosaic, the #1 Tile Installer on Google, is right for you. Only a written offer for your specific project may be used for contracting us. Call now to get a free over-the-phone estimate, or schedule an in-home on-site consult.

Commercial and Prevailing Wage Rates: Depends on the Jurisdiction. Price on Request (POR).

Labor only Fast Food Program: Commercial clients my hire us to do their cement grouted tile on proper backing $4.00 per square foot floors $6.00 walls. You furnish all the materials. Price subject to minimum requirements, and clear access to site. No substrate repairs included. No patchwork included (ex. return trip because door jamb not in, slab not poured boxed out). Add for epoxy grout, big tile, schluter strips and so forth.

Residential hourly rate: These include the base hourly pay plus all taxes insurance overhead and profit. Setter $50p.h. Helper $35p.h. Subject to service day minimums.

Service Days/ Half Days: Want to rent us by the day or half day? This is for repairs, or custom cutting, or skilled demolition, or any old thing you think a tile guy might be good at. If its complicated or out of the ordinary and tile related, then we can usually help. $750 for full day, $450 for half day. Gets you a consult and up to 4 or 8 hours setter and helper and the service vehicle and tool kit.

Kitchen Back Splash: Up to 30 square feet, 6 outlets or less. Starting at $950 expect to pay less for splashes around 15 square feet, or splashes with no outlets. Expect to pay more for demolition, repair of existing wall, stone tiles, intricate layouts.

Kitchen and Living area Floors: Service varies from 180 to 500 square feet and more. Scope involves many considerations, such as: Transitions to other flooring, demolition requirements, tile type, moving furniture and appliances, flatness/levelness of the existing floor. To keep things simple, this is a square foot price as if you have given us good and flat plywood to start on with nothing in our way and only basic transition requirements: Provide Schluter Ditra underlayment and all related materials (thinset mortar, edge strip, and grout) to install your square tiles in a simple uncomplicated layout.  $8.50 per square foot for bigger floors; $11 per square foot for smaller floors.  Expect to pay more for demolition, stone tile, interlaced layouts (planks and bricks), diagonal layouts, moving things, substrate repairs.

Bathroom Floors and Other Small Floors: Into a small space goes a lot of effort. Starts at $500. Includes pulling existing toilet, 1 doorway transition, all related products included to set your ceramic or porcelain tile in a simple uncomplicated layout. Add to demo existing flooring, remove vanity or pedestal sink, reinstall toilet or other plumbing install, shoe molding, base molding, and so forth.

Bathtub Tile Surrounds (TOT) Tile Over Tub: Commonly about 5-1/2′ to 6′ above a 60″ x 30″ tub. TOT’s start at $1600. Upgrades include corner, shelves recessed, niche grab bars, demolition, install of proper backing.

Custom Waterproof Showers: Typical service is for a 3’x5′ or 4’x4′ shower with two or three walls up to 8′ high with an eyeliner (mosaic accent band), a curb, and a recessed niche for shampoo soap and razor. We feature the industry leading waterproofing brand Schluter Kerdi. Showers start at $3000. Includes all related materials to install your tile on proper backing (wall board and plywood). Comes with a 10 year waterproof warranty. Add for heat, bench, ceiling, stone tile, complicated layouts, linear drains, grab bars, etc.

Full service kitchen and bathroom renovation: We work with the best remodelers. Do you want the full service? Demo to pain? Electrical to plumbing? We can put it together for you.

*In-home on-site consults are subject to a professional fee $50. Mosaic reserves the right to waive the professional fee for any reason.