Mrs Beth A., Corey Rd

Dear Malcolm,

We cannot thank you enough for the beautiful job you did on our bathroom remodel.  The patience you and your crew showed was truly commendable.  Your knowledge and expertise was not exaggerated in the slightest. You came highly recommended and worth every penny.  We are very aware of the economics of living well and surviving these days and it was refreshing to get a bill within the confines of the actual quote.  You were articulate, expressive and completely professional.  We would recommend you highly.  Finding a company that prides themselves on integrity is rare in this economy.  Midwest Mosaics is clearly a company of artists and not just your average tile installers.  Their unique design is nothing short of inspirational.  Our bathroom was transformed into a spa through your vision and distinct expression.  And all within our modest budget.  Being a small business in Toledo ourselves, we can appreciate all it takes to keep our heads above water.  Sometimes hiring a local company can be more expensive than the big box stores but you have proved that local was not only more affordable but turned into one of the most beautiful bathrooms I’ve seen.  Thank you to you and your men.  I never felt uncomfortable, invaded or overwhelmed. You were all consciously neat, prompt and appreciative.

We will certainly use you again.

Mrs. Beth A., Corey Rd, Toledo OH