Mosaic This Week

The Mosaic Calling Card

Wes does a first floor of a home in Lyons, OH.

Eddie does a flawless bathroom remodel at a Walmart in Brazil, IN.

Fred does a herringbone back splash and preps a shower in Ottawa Hills, OH.

Robert carpets a pharmacy in Dayton, OH and Saves Jade Group with me at a Burger King in Lima, OH.

Adi gets stone showers done in South Carolina

A mosaic is just a bunch of little pieces which make up a beautiful thing. I am grateful for the followership of these hard working fellows. Together this week we accomplished great things in tile.

If you like what we are doing, if you like what one of the mosaic tile layers are doing. Leave a comment below.

If you are interested in joining our tiling Mosaic, our coven of mortar mages. Let me know.

  • Malcom,

    There aren’t words to thank you for the above and beyond performance of Midwest Mosiac’ work and diligence in conpleting Thr Burger King in Lima, OH. If not for you’re exceptional diligence and remarkable craftsmanship the store would not have opened on time. You saved the day!

    Thank you and your staff for all your help.

    Harvey Shymanski

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