Flatness on Project Orange


Heres a low angle shot of a shower wall at Project Orange. Discriminating customers will know this is the finish they are looking for. It’s called Flatness. Where you see no gaps between wall and straight edge placed against the work. Pure flat, phlat, flattery flat. A look you can see. It feels great to the touch and is a breeze to clean.

Not every installer can pull it off, but we do it consistently. And here’s how: First we are demanding of ourselves. We will not settle for almost. Second, (and this is the secret sauce) we use Anti-Lippage-Device. As seen in the photo below (the red thingys).


Anti-Lippage-Devices or ALD’s cure the challenge of managing lippage. Lippage is when tiles are not level from one to the next. Lippage is not Flat. Lippage is careless work. We care and so do you.

If you want truly flat work. Get Mosaic. And ask for the ALD’s. We’ll be happy to hook you up.