CI-Two Owner Selects Mosaic, “Because they take tile out?”

Installing floor at CI-Two with anti-lippage device.

Yep you read that right. the Owner of CI-Two selected us because we remove tile. You think they would want a tile guy becuase he puts tile in. But after reading our blog post on Rock Candy Mountain from a year ago this March, Mr. And Mrs. Cabin-in-the-Woods knew they had their guy when they read,

Today I headed up to the Rock Candy Mtn. to finish up what we started earlier this week. Mostly caulking and grouting. But I did remove and reinstall a couple of mosaics on the floor that sounded like they weren’t bonded. (That old hollow tapping sound). And I put the vanity cabinet in place, so I could go ahead and install the base left and right of it.Nothing like giving it the extra effort to make sure its right. Extra effort is an investment towards zero punch list and no call backs.

This is the funny part: I only discovered the Woods’ descision after discussing with them how I had to remove and rework many of the pieces on mosaic mural below because I just wasn’t satisfied with how it was starting out. And how I asked Adrian to rework some pieces on his bath too.

It was then that Mr. Woods revealed what they had discovered about us, that we believe, like good writers believe, that revision is essential to doing good work.

You think you want a tile guy because he puts tile in, but you don’t. What you want is what the Woods want, a tile guy that takes tile out before he is done putting tile in.


Adrian's Work - Adrian is in training to become a journeyman in the Mosaic mold.