Wood We Return to Carrera Creek?

You bet!

As you recall we were dropping delightful details on Carrera Creek. Not to be outdone, the plumber dropped by and twisted on the shower jewelry, so we grabbed a photo of that below. Do You Like?



Apparently the builder, Schoen, and homeowner, Anon, liked. And so we were asked to look at doing the hard woods on the project. And dontcha kno Darrin just loves doing hard woods. Here he is now figuring out how to do the wood around the hearth.

20140313_114935Think you have to set the hearth first Mr. Carnahan. Haha. It’s a pose actually.

But this is no pose. 20140313_115212

Here’s the guys, Ron (l) Allen (r), consulting with Darrin about the the last two boards in the back room. Just like tile, wood takes careful consideration at certain places and this is one of them.

Great job guys. I’ll be back to get pics of the big rooms.