Women in Tile 2013

This October, the NTCA announced the 2013 Women in Tile. I picked up the story here at tileletter.com.

Of interest to the crew at Mosaic, is tile setter Carole Loquet, as we work with our hands. We have much respect for our fellows.The work is hard, and it is not for everyone. We do it for the love. Carol’s love of the craft comes out in her story as she had to put up with crap such as,

“She chose training with Les Compagnons du Tour de France, even though she faced a lot of opposition from women in the organization’s administration who felt tile setting was a man’s job.”

And her approach to her craft,

In 2005 she created La Caroleuse in France to “do my work in accordance with the rules of art and my values,” she explained. “I wanted to offer customers quality and personalization of their work.”

No doubt, it would be a pleasure to lay tile alongside La Caroleuse.

She is now located in Montreal Canada, You can find her on the web at http://www.lacaroleuse.com/.

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