Orange Floors Are Best; Got Schluter Toledo?

By Malcolm “Mudduckk” Campbell


While John and the new guy slug it out on the road in Normal, IL. A. has rejoined The Crew with me out on Lago de Diablo. That’s Devils Lake for those keeping score at home. Anyhow were laying down the Schluter Ditra near Toledo. Great stuff it is. Cant wait to get done and rejoin all my pals at the Black Kite for a double short redeye. Black of course. Cya there. We can chat about the benefits of Dr. Orange for your floor then.

Malcolm “Mudduckk” Campbell is a tile installer in Toledo, Ohio. Tilers play in the mud! Toledo is home of the Mud Hens minor league baseball, sometimes call the Mud Ducks. So you know a tile setter from Toledo would have to go by the nickname “Mudduckk.”  In fact, there could be many Mudduckks in Toledo, but only one of them is tops in Google Search. That one is Malcolm. Got Tile? Google: Mudduckk!