Presenting Really Cool Patterns

By Malcolm “Mudduckk” Campbell

One of the more interesting aspects of tiling is patterns.We see them all the time in the uniform and familiar grid layout, or “stack bond” from the masonry vocab. Or “running bond” better known simply as brick joint. In this photo we have an interesting pattern in the concrete to the right of the red tiles, looking sort of like a an imprint from a tire tread. Here Casey is preparing to remove the top 5/8″ of concrete so we can extend the red tile to the new stainless steel cases to the right. That’s right if you guessed it, you are indeed looking at many saw cuts in the concrete. All to a uniform depth of about 3/4″. Tedious to be sure, but it makes jackhammering the correct depth quick and painless. For those that need to know how we do it; We do the bulk of the cutting with a heavy duty worm drive, wet cut. Then we get closer to the fixtures with a mini grinder, dry cut. And in the tight spots like inside corners we drill a bunch of holes. Kinda like what it must take to rip the face off the earth in strip mining. But for the moment we have this interesting pattern, like a Buddhist monk’s Mandela – a multi colored radial pattern made of sand requiring hours of work only to be blown away, never to return. So….What shall we call this pattern?


Malcolm “Mudduckk” Campbell is a tile installer in Toledo, Ohio. Tilers play in the mud! Toledo is home of the Mud Hens minor league baseball, sometimes call the Mud Ducks. So you know a tile setter from Toledo would have to go by the nickname “Mudduckk.”  In fact, there could be many Mudduckks in Toledo, but only one of them is tops in Google Search. That one is Malcolm. Got Tile? Google: Mudduckk!