New Project Award: Norfolk & Southern

By Malcolm “Mudduckk” Campbell
Midwest Mosaic is going to work for Warren Buffett! 
We just received a subcontract from Ohio Valley based Dunlop & Johnston to provide tile and and installation labor at Norfolk and Southern Railroad’s (NYSE:NSC) Bellvue, Ohio facility.  The project features two pairs of employee bathroom and showers plus a washroom in the perch of the yard switching tower.  How cool is that!?
At nearly 4000 square feet, the project will keep a crew of three working for about a month.  Onward job creation!
We are pleased to add Mr. Richard Fajardo to the project to assist compliance with two programs; 1) Ohio Bureau of Worker Compensation Drug Free Workplace and 2. E-Rail Safe, a Homeland Security program. Fajardo writes on HR and management matters at Motivated Innovation, and is an expert in these things.
In 2007, as a bet on the impending recovery, Buffett acquired a stake in NSC through his flagship fund, Berkshire Hathaway.  Mr. Warren knows a good value when he sees it. While the recovery may not be as strong as he anticipated, we knew we had a good value all along, and we’re glad to have caught his attention.
Malcolm “Mudduckk” Campbell is a tile installer in Toledo, Ohio. Tilers play in the mud! Toledo is home of the Mud Hens minor league baseball, sometimes call the Mud Ducks. So you know a tile setter from Toledo would have to go by the nickname “Mudduckk.”  In fact, there could be many Mudduckks in Toledo, but only one of them is tops in Google Search. That one is Malcolm. Got Tile? Google: Mudduckk!