Feature Project; The Tower of Shower (Video)

By Malcolm “Mudduckk” Campbell

About the time you were finishing off the last of your Thanksgiving leftovers and were beginning to put up your 2011 Christmas lights, we put the finishing touches on this edition of the Musings Feature Project, The Tower of Shower.

It is now April 2.  The clients, who wish to remain anon, have been happy customers for going on four months now.  Wow! how the time flies. Meantime we have been out doing what LOTC’s (Low-Overhead-Trade-Contractors) do, spending time in the field, getting dirty, getting tired, and just plain having fun not having to report to the same old cube day after day to pick up doing the same old same old.

Since the time of Yule, the crew and I have been out in the mud the blood and the beer; finishing up the Mouse House, adding first one Kroger now on the third, as well as stops at the Historic St Patricks, the Bakery Building, and a reprise at the Manor.

As in our last feature, the Forsyth-Vaquero, we bring you loads of content; photos and video. Enjoy.  And be sure to hit the like button above and leave comments below.

Design by Mary Glowaki, AIA
Photos by Tina Gionis, MFA
Tiles by Marca Corona, Italy
Distributed by Virginia Tile Company, Livonia MI

Linear Drain; You Know You Want One!
Two Story Niche
Spacious, No!?

Video Reveal

Before Video

Link to Customer Feedback (here)

Happy Tiling!

Malcolm “Mudduckk” Campbell is a tile installer in Toledo, Ohio. Tilers play in the mud! Toledo is home of the Mud Hens minor league baseball, sometimes call the Mud Ducks. So you know a tile setter from Toledo would have to go by the nickname “Mudduckk.”  In fact, there could be many Mudduckks in Toledo, but only one of them is tops in Google Search. That one is Malcolm. Got Tile? Google: Mudduckk!

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