How To Modify Linear Drain for Rubber Pan Liner System

By Malcolm “Mudduckk” Campbell

For those of you who, like me, prefer 40-mil PVC rubber waterproofing liner, a-la TCNA B-414/415 as their shower waterproofing system of choice, because it is tried and true and less expensive than membrane alternatives, and you want to use one of the awesome new linear drains from Schluter (Schluter Line) or Noble (Freestyle) which work so well with large format tile and slab shower floors, but are designed to integrate with their pricey proprietary membranes and are damage prone by virtue of their position within the floor section, here is a video which shows you how to modify the drain to work with a PVC clamping ring.

Disclaimers: No Schluters or Nobles were hurt in the making of this film, but do not expect either firm to give you a product warranty by following this how-to.  You are on your own, but then haven’t we always been on our own with TCNA B414/415.  So far, so good.

Disclosure: I am friends with both these firms. I buy lots of their products and you should too.  But I’m not about to put my waterproofing on top of a shower floor section. (too risky for me)

Happy Tiling!

Malcolm “Mudduckk” Campbell is a tile installer in Toledo, Ohio. Tilers play in the mud! Toledo is home of the Mud Hens minor league baseball, sometimes call the Mud Ducks. So you know a tile setter from Toledo would have to go by the nickname “Mudduckk.”  In fact, there could be many Mudduckks in Toledo, but only one of them is tops in Google Search. That one is Malcolm. Got Tile? Google: Mudduckk!