Alena Capra Designs at Coverings 2011 Designer Showcase

By Malcolm “Mudduckk” Campbell

Alena Capra, a Ft Lauderdale designer, will be among the designers featured at the Coverings 2011 Installation Design Showcase. Alena is the Principal at Alena Capra Designs where she designs full home and commercial interiors. She is passionate about kitchen and bath design as are we here at Mosaic Musings. She is also attuned to sustainable design. She holds a Green AP, and she is a Certified Kitchen and Bath Designer. While these may signify her commitment to professionalism, there is perhaps no better confirmation of her reputation than to be invited to put it all on the line at the 2011 Coverings Show.

Alena Capra
Photo of 2010 Installation Design Showcase
The Installation Design Showcase at Coverings highlights the synergy between great design and installation. Unveiled just a year ago, the event partners leading installers and designers in a compressed project where design/inception/completion take place inside the show’s four day calendar. Very cool indeed. Has anyone called HGTV on this one??? Last year’s sponsors for the Installation Design Showcase are posted below.
I have added Ms. Capra’s Blog to the blogroll, so we all can keep track of her progress. We congratulate Ms. Capra on this distinction, and wish her great fortune in her work.
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