Custom Shower Bench: What Will You Do With Schluter Kerdi Board?


Heres a pic of a custom shower bench using Schluter Kerdi board. Schluter asked us tile geeks what we would do with it. Here’s our answer for today. This os the befinings of tile work on Project Orange. Cheers and farewell to @tilepup as he returns to school:’( It was great to have his help this summer. Band camp starts Monday.

Starting Project Big Orange


Here we have the beginnings of a large master bathroom code named: Big Orange. So named for the signature colors of the Schluter underlayments as seen on HGTV’s Holmes on Homes.

From left to right; in the foreground will be a large garden tub, a privy, and a large barrier free shower with curvy bench large shampoo niches and focal point.

Our client: Todd Keefer, Keefer Construction.
Tile by: The Tile Shop

The Emerson Laundry


Here I am the day after we put in this sweet gray range Travertine from the Tile Shop. This is just before we pull out all our setting control elements, red horse shoe spacers and Tuscan Leveling System. All standard features in our large format and stone tile installs. The elements help ensure a high quality install at a great price. Thanks for stopping by.

The One Day Transformation; the Mosaic Tile Backsplash


Here’s Ben at work on a glass mosaic tile backsplash in Sylvania, OH. Exhibiting proper protection of customer counters and cabinets, he awaits cuts from his helper.

Customers can expect best property protection practices among other features when engaging us on backsplashes. These include:

1. All setting and grouting material.

2. Color matched caulk at key locations; between counter and splash and inside corners.

3. Re-install electrical devices along will new longer screws (to compensate for depth of the tile)

Customers also find our flat rate pricing easy to understand. We have one low price for backsplashes up to 20 lineal feat. Price is based on proper backing, simple umcomplicated install, and cement based grout.

Most installs take just one day.

We think its the right combination of price and service. Its a deal that looks great, is long lasting, and can happen in just one day.

Are you ready for a one dat transformation?

Call Now for more details.


CI-Two Owner Selects Mosaic, “Because they take tile out?”


Installing floor at CI-Two with anti-lippage device.

Yep you read that right. the Owner of CI-Two selected us because we remove tile. You think they would want a tile guy becuase he puts tile in. But after reading our blog post on Rock Candy Mountain from a year ago this March, Mr. And Mrs. Cabin-in-the-Woods knew they had their guy when they read,

Today I headed up to the Rock Candy Mtn. to finish up what we started earlier this week. Mostly caulking and grouting. But I did remove and reinstall a couple of mosaics on the floor that sounded like they weren’t bonded. (That old hollow tapping sound). And I put the vanity cabinet in place, so I could go ahead and install the base left and right of it.Nothing like giving it the extra effort to make sure its right. Extra effort is an investment towards zero punch list and no call backs.

This is the funny part: I only discovered the Woods’ descision after discussing with them how I had to remove and rework many of the pieces on mosaic mural below because I just wasn’t satisfied with how it was starting out. And how I asked Adrian to rework some pieces on his bath too.

It was then that Mr. Woods revealed what they had discovered about us, that we believe, like good writers believe, that revision is essential to doing good work.

You think you want a tile guy because he puts tile in, but you don’t. What you want is what the Woods want, a tile guy that takes tile out before he is done putting tile in.



Adrian's Work - Adrian is in training to become a journeyman in the Mosaic mold.

Cabin-in-the-Woods; Designed by Tiffany


This is to introduce you to our latest residential commission; Cabin-in-the-Woods.

Cabin, or CI-TWo if you are in a hurry, features two bathrooms with tub surrounds. While the bathrooms feature the basic six foot by eight foot layout, there is nothing basic about the tile from The Tile Shop, designed by Ms. Tiffany Krueger.

The one above is clad in travertine with a mosaic picture framed with travertine moldings.

Below is tiled in a ceramic which looks like white marble. It will also get a mosaic band. And the back of the soap niche gets the mosaic too.


The orange stuff in the background, Almost too beautiful to cover, is Schluter Kerdi board. One of the newer tile backer boards available. Dustless cutting and no customary scarring of the client’s walls and wood work like with cement board. It features waterproofing too, if you need it. I really like the stuff, especially the preformed soap dish. Its a snap to install, while making sure it lands in a critical location in the layout too (after considering Client preferrance of course.)

Cabin-in-the-Woods, we are really excited about it. And we know the homeowners are excited too. Hope you like it too.


Thats me showing intensity for the craft.

Till next time. Happy Tiling!

P.S. If you need to come up with some classy tile designs, see Tiffany at the Tile Shop. She is as passionate about tile design as I am intense about the craft. Let her know I sent you :-)