Exterior Tile Maintanance, Toledo

If you have exterior tiles we recommend to check them every year and to take care of them because they need special care, being exposed at different temperatures, water, humidity, etc.

1. Remove crecked and damaged tiles. Install replacement tiles and new joints with products recommended by the manufacturer as suitable for this purpose.

2. Clean and examine vertical and horizontal exterior tile surfaces annually before freezing weather begins. Since summer heat causes expansion joints and cracks to shrink, repair all expansion joint deteriorations using the proper sealants for vertical and horizontal applications.

3. Repeat the proceduew annually.




  This days is hard to decide what tile pattern or colors to use for your bathroom or kitchen when you have plenty of options to choose from. 1.  LESS IS MORE!  If you keep it simple you will not go wrong! Using white tiles you can match with any colors. 2.  Use the same

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Pantone tiles colors 2016

Bring the nature in your home with small accents from tiles to simple accessories, for kitchen and bathroom , that can change the entire concept! This fall trends are pantone colors that combine neutral Earth tones and  vibrant colors like red,natural green, mustard and purple. Gray is always a popular color choice that makes it stand out from other

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Traditional kitchen style

  This gorgeous traditional style kitchen has a new backsplash installed by Midwest Mosaic, Toledo. For the natural wood cabinets we used natural gray and brown mosaic tiles to be sure that we match the entire concept of the house and to transform the vibe in their kitchen. The gray and brown mosaics provides  a

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Ocean Style Backsplash

Today is the first day of fall and we are very happy because we had a full tile season this summer. We had the honor to work with one of the best tiles designer from U.S., Suzi Stern Portugal. She and her husband they bought a house a year ago in Toms River, NJ. They

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Trendy Kids Bathroom

  Trendy kids bathroom in Charleston, South Carolina made by Midwest Mosaic, Toledo. This beautiful design it was created in such a way to be a flexible style, wet-room friendly  and the most important to be enlivened with a pretty mix of pastel colors and sparkling grout. Introducing the geometric pattern play and glass accents you make an inviting

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New Kroger in Marysville OH Starting

I’ve told you guys about this one in Marysville OH a suburb north west of Columbus. Here are some pictures to give you an idea of what is going on tilewise. This is all new construction. All materials will by nearby on the slab for easy access. So to recap the tiles work, Prep walls

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Guest Post: Location of Weep Holes on a Tub Install

From the Floor Elf blog Floor Elf explains a weep hole, it’s purpose in a tile over tub situation, where to locate them, how to put them in. Readers leave over 200 comments at the time of this guest posting. A weep hole is basically an open space which allows moisture that makes its way

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New Home Tile Work

Tile installer Fort Wayne sent us these photos of a new home he just completed for us. Master bath shower. Check out flat walls and flush/flat mosaics. Also really cool mosaic floor. Niche with mosaic back. Flat big tile floor.

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