New Kroger in Marysville OH Starting

I’ve told you guys about this one in Marysville OH a suburb north west of Columbus. Here are some pictures to give you an idea of what is going on tilewise.

This is all new construction. All materials will by nearby on the slab for easy access.


Typical prep wall. Glue set 6x6 glazed wall tile. Full tile at the ceiling grid 10' high down to the quarry base.


We have 2700 Square Feet of this prep wall tile along with about 250 Lineal Feet quarry base.


The flooring is epoxy by others.


Good enough for commercial. We set 500 feet of this stuff in a day no problem for a geek.


This is what we are doing in the bathrooms. Glue set wall tile full from 8' ceiling on to plastic cove below. Thinset 13x13 porcelain tile floor.


Here's the cove detail with waterproofing. Required all bathrooms.


Power grout on walls epoxy grout on floors. Over 4000SF of bathrooms.


18x18 floor tiles in vestibule. Thinset and power grout. 1800SF of this stuff.


So to recap the tiles work,

Prep walls 2700SF
Quarry base 270LF
Bathrooms 4000SF
Entry Tile 1800SF

But wait there’s more!

We also have:
3500SF Carpet Tiles
2300FT Vynil and Rubber Base
2 Rubber Tread Stair Cases

And some more stuff like wine bar tile and Starbucks.

Contact me if you wish to get some of this into your backlog. But hurry the work is ready now and we will get the work assigned out ASAP.

Guest Post: Location of Weep Holes on a Tub Install

From the Floor Elf blog

Floor Elf explains a weep hole, it’s purpose in a tile over tub situation, where to locate them, how to put them in. Readers leave over 200 comments at the time of this guest posting.

A weep hole is basically an open space which allows moisture that makes its way behind the tile a space from which to dissipate. This is the spot that moisture can run out. When moisture gets behind your tile it will always end up at the bottom of your wall (tile installation). When it gets there it needs some place to go – to get out from behind the tile and into the tub or shower basin. That’s what the weep hole is.

Read on at the Floor Elf

New Home Tile Work

Tile installer Fort Wayne sent us these photos of a new home he just completed for us.


Master bath shower. Check out flat walls and flush/flat mosaics. Also really cool mosaic floor. Niche with mosaic back.



Flat big tile floor.


Tile Back Splash Livonia

Our customer in Livonia sent us these pics of their back splash we just did for them.



They choose linear glass mosaics. I like the way they decided to turn the lines up and down over the cook top. Very cool.


Tile work by FZ assisted by @tilepup.

Tile Installer, Mosaic Style, Fort Wayne

Tile installer Fort Wayne, Austin is in progress on this new home. Beautiful mosaics on shower floor.


Floating bench in the corner.


Niche with mosaic inset. Gray wall is unfinished backing prepped for a mosaic “eye liner” band.


Here’s Austin doing the plank flooring now.

If you want tile done right and done right now. Call us today.

Backsplash Backsplash


Backsplash tile artist Wes at work this week on a fine subway glass number in Temperance MI. In typical Mosaic Style, he has the cabinets counters and floors well protected.

Last week Wes completed this one in Maumee OH. Glass tile again. But this time with the smallest of glass mosaics. It’s pretty cool.




If you want to upgrade your kitchen with a Mosaic Style backsplash, call now. We are booking up for the season. Schedule slots go fast.

Tile by Pro Source of Toledo on Dussel, ask for Dee when you go, and tell her Mosaic sent ya 😉

Tile Over Tub in Liberty Center


Rene sent us this on from Liberty Center, OH where she and Ft Wayne Rick are putting up Tile over a Tub.

This is a 8″x20″ tile resembling Carrera Marble. Available at the Tile Shop. Nice stuff. Every thing is going up plumb flat and square. Nice job.

Orange stuff in background is Schluter Kerdi waterproofing. Providing a watertight mold free finish that’s easy to clean for years to come.

How to Choose Tile

We think it is important to know what to consider when you are choosing tiles for your home. This is from our experience on our many tile installer in Toledo, Indiana and Michigan.

Untitled-1-RecoveredCream and pastels can make a small room look larger, so choose from these colors for a guest bathroom or narrow hallway.


Glass and porcelain tiles work well on kitchen and bathroom, where the walls that are exposed to wetness.



Choose the colors that are opposite on the color wheel. Each finish is unique to that specific color.


Create an accent wall – that can help you create a distinctive design in your kitchen or bathroom. Accent tiles can add a pop of color to your shower and help you open up your space by creating visual depth.


In a bathroom or kitchen, backsplash tile and wall tile will become a central part of the decor. You can choose the tile color in the same way you would choose a piece of art.

We hope you find these ideas useful!


About Ema Crismariou – Ema is Social Media Consultant to Mosaic. She curates digital content in tile and design. Message her on Twitter @emmacrismariu.